20 November 2008

Scout Weapon Layouts Part 1

The basic Scout Marine has a choice of four different weapons, Boltgun, Shotgun, Combat Blade, and the Sniper Rifle. Each one has its own plus and minus.

Today I am going to take a look at the Combat Blade, and the Shotgun. Right now those are the two weapon layouts that I have really grown to like. In the Scouts basic wargear they come with a standard boltpistol so with the combat blade and boltpistol each scout has two attacks in close combat, and only a 12" firing range. The shotgun however has a the same 12" range but can fire twice, but the shotgun has no AP value so who ever you are firing into will get an armor save. So with a 10 man squad outfitted with half Combat Blades and Half Shotgus. It gives the squad a total of 15 shots at 12" all of which are strenght 4, 5 with an AP 5, and the other 10 with No AP.

So what I like to do with that type of squad is to use them as a shortrange close combat unit get them as close to an enemy unit as possable and on my turn move them 6" and hope that I can assault in the same turn. So that I get 15 shots before the assault, and a total of 26 attacks on the assault. It is a cheap option and one of many different tatics that can be used with Scouts.

This is just one of the different weapon layouts for the Scouts.

18 November 2008

The First of Many

So this is the 10th Company:

The Idea for this is basically for me to Rant and Rave about different Tactics, Army Lists, and anything else I can think of that has to do with Warhammer 40K. I will also post projects and different mintures that I am painting and have painted.