20 September 2010

Kill Zone Team List

The first model that I have made for a possible member of  a Kill Zone skirmish army list.  The model was originally painted to be a Chapel Apprentice for a campaign that I was in.  After looking at the model and reading more and more about the Kill Zone rules at Galaxy in Flames. It looks like the model will be the first member of my Kill Zone, Kill Team.

The top torso and arms are black, the legs are green

Still showing Chapter Insignia on the left shoulder

The helmet detailing

So it looks like I'll be using this model as a Sternguard Veteran, for my Kill Zone List.  I do like the color scheme so I might use it for a whole squad of Sternguard Veterans later.

The List
  • Devastator Sgt                26             Signum
  • Devastator Marine          26             Med Pack
  • Devastator Marine          20             Close Combat Accessories
  • Devastator Marine          41             Heavy Bolter, Suspensors
  • Terminator Sgt                40
  • Terminator Assault Sgt    45             Team Leader, General Skill (+1 WS)
  • Sternguard Sgt                35             Specialist Skill (Extra Shot)
  • Scout Biker Sgt              40             Cluster Mines

I have only played a few games with this list and it works pretty well in Kill Zone, however I figure the 275pts is a bit much for a quick game of Kill Zone.  However we are having a great time with that amount of points.

The Mold Casting is still coming.  Last week I received the other two molds in the mail so I have continued to cast.

Mold # 276 has 49 Casts
Mold # 277 has 6   Casts
Mold # 325 has 5   Casts

I ran out of Plaster again so I think I'll be ordering in bulk this that, 50lbs or so....

Also in the second Picture you can see the corner of the first Space Hulk section that I put together....

13 September 2010

Interior Vehicle Painting

So to finish off one of my space marine armies I have to 2 rhinos, 1 predator, and 1 vindicator.  For the first rhino for my Sitnam Warriors I painted the interior on the rhino I went with a white interior and then added some detailing on the console and then dry brushed the floor to look like mud.

Up close shot
 If anyone has spent any time in the interior of a military vehicle they are not white, most have a mint green tint to them.  For the other marine army I'll be using the mint green look. 
Mint Green Base Coat
  This Rhino is going to be used as a Devastator Squad Rhino and I'll also be magnetizing it to be a Predator as well.  More on that later.

Here it is with the painted interior
I'll be adding more detail to the floor of the rhino later, but as for right now it is starting to shape up.  Side note you can see the Devastator Squad Marines at the top of the photo.

10 September 2010

Re-Basing Models

I have an older Space Marine Army that has been just sitting in its case and has not seen the table for quite some time now.  The big problem with the army is the fact that when I finished painting them I did a different colored ring around the base so that I could tell the difference between the squads.  It was not a bad idea, but the theme of the army was a deck of cards so each squad was a different suit.  So why would I really need a diffenent colored ring for each squad, I don't.

As you can see the different colored bases
Here is a close up look at the finished bases

All of the models now have the same base and no more of those many colored bases so they don't look too tacky any more.  It is really cool how with a new base the army now has an all new look and feel to it.  I was planning on selling the army after I re-based them, but now I am not sure.  

09 September 2010

Colored Blocks?!?

On Monday I ordered the other two molds that I will need to complete the project!!!  I am hoping that they will be here by the end of the week.  In the mean time I have been casting away!  This afternoon I thought I would try something new with the Hydrocal while casting, I added some drops of paint to the water before I added the Hydrocal.

So that was the first of the two colors that I tried, Black and then later a Green color. the goal is to add the color to the mix so that when I start basing the pieces it will be easier and go a little faster when it comes to painting

Side by Side with the standard color
Side by Side with the Green block
The Stash to date
The Cast Count Continues #276 is at 45 casts