25 April 2012

35 Models = 1Troop and 1/2 Elite (Must be ORKS)

The NOB in the Squad
So the weekend I was able to get the last 10 Ork Boys in the Squad finished, and then I was able to wash each of the 29 Boys and 6 Nobs with Badab Black and seal with a mat finish.  The plan is to just get them to a nice table top quality.  My Ork Army is going to have as a base 3 troop choices that are going to be maxed out at 30 each.  So the means that I'll have to paint at least 90 models.  Lucky for my I have some how over the years ended up with close to 5 sets of the Orks from the black reach sets.  After looking at the models I finally thought that I should just start painting them up.  35 models later I have 1 Troops Choice and 1/2 an Elite Choice.

So wish me luck with getting the rest of the Army Painted and Finished.

23 April 2012

Saturday Snapshot

My Work Space Saturday

I thought I would totally steal this idea from Ron, from the From the Warp Blog.  I am looking at this as a way to get a little more motivation for getting stuff painted, and up dating this blog.  So two birds with one stone. Right now my biggest project is getting the Orks knocked out.  I have 10 left to finish up for the 30 Ork unit in the upper right corner.    So here it is the Snap shot and I'll be posting another one next week!

20 April 2012

Painting Contest Results

So awhile back I entered my first ever painting contest, I painted a Dark Angel Space Marine.  Out of all the entries I didn't place.  Oh well I am proud of the effort that I put in and am now painting up a squad to match the mold that I used for the contest.  I am planning on starting with just making a 5 man combat squad, so I'll be painting up 3 more tactical marines and 1 Sgt with a power fist.

Well here are the other entries that were in the painting contest.

My Entry

1st Place
1st Place (different angel)

2nd Place
Another Entry
Another Entry
Another Entry
There were only 6 entries and the top 2 placed, however I like to think I received an honorable mention.

08 April 2012

Last Man Standing


So it has been now a couple of months since this event.  It was the first event that I have ever run and it went pretty well.  It was also the first event that Game On the local store here held for 40K.  I was hoping that we would have at least 6 players and we ended up have 7 plus me so 8.  A better turn out than I thought!

The basic theme of the game was Last Man Standing, so we played to the last model.

The Armies that were present:

Tau (x2)
Space Wolves
Space Marines
Grey Knights
Chaos Daemons
Dark Eldar
Table Before Terrain

Table After Terrain
As you can see from the second photo there are playing cards on the Table, that was to help with a random deployment, I think for the most part it worked. (Later I heard that two of the players switched there deployments zones)  Then we also used the cards to figure out turn order as well.

One of the biggest Epic Moment in mind was when four Tau Fir warriors took down a Dread Knight in assault.  The Dread Knight was down to one wound left. and locked in assault with 4 Fire Warriors that didn't break from the last round.  The Dread Knight could not hit the broad side of a barn in close combat that last round.  All 4 Fire Warriors were able to hit their mark and then were able to wound twice.  The Dread Knight was only able to save one of the two wounds.  (This is one of the many reasons why I really enjoy this game!)

4 Fire Warriors for the Win!

So we marked the Table with the event

All and all the event was good, Tau was the army to beat this time. It was the other Tau player that ended up winning.

Here was are around turn 3 or 4