30 December 2009


Space Hulk is now here. I was not able to get it when it was first released. Lucky for me I was able to get it when GW decided to re-release it so instead of going to e-bay and paying God knows how much I was able to get it for the MSR, and seeing as the state of Alaska does not have sales tax and GW was doing free shipping on anything over $15 I was able to get it for under $100. Wow… Good deal for me.

The next question is what am I going to do with it now? The models are great; the gene-stealers look awesome. I am pretty sure that I will be basing and painting them. I figure that there will be some of the gene-stealers that will only be used for the Space Hulk Game, but most of the others will be easy to put on 25mm bases. As for the Terminators I don’t know how well the 40mm bases will work with the game board. So that will be another problem to deal with another time.

For right now I think I’ll just be enjoying the way it was intended to be used. I have way too much on my painting table as it is. So once I start to get those projects finished I’ll start dealing with Space Hulk. I can’t wait to play my first game.


17 December 2009

Kill Teams .... What a great Idea...

This Morning I was checking out bell of Lost Souls like I do every morning, and I saw that the Blog Confessions of a 40K Addict. Had a little information about Kill Teams.  So I thought I would take that idea and run with it for right now.  The post suggested that a person could make a Kill Team from any single codex using any combination of single units.

The basic run down is:

o 175 pts
o no 2+ saves
o no str 8 or higher weapons
o between 5-15 models

So for kicks I put together a Space Marine list seeing as it is the only codex I have with me right now.  I don't know how the model total will work with other codex, like Orks, or Tau.

The Team that I cam up with is pretty basic.

o 3 Stern Guard Vets each with storm bolters @ 30 pts each
o 2 Assault Marines                                       @ 18 pts each
o 3 Standard Marines (one with a flamer)       @ 16 pts each
                                                                   total  174

I figure with the Stern Guard Vets the special issue ammo becomes very valuable, the flamer marine is good to have a template that is a str 4 attack.  I figure that each of the team will be made up of 4 Marines, each with one Assault Marine for close combat support.  I like the giving the Storm Bolters to the Stern Guard because it is 2 shots per marine per turn at 24 inches with the special ammo so they would be a very heavy hitting squad.  The other four Marines are cannon fodder and support for the first team of four.

As I continue to play around with the rules and such I'll keep posting.

13 December 2009


These are 3 of the 6 Terminators that I have finished painting.  I have painted all the armor and the bases at this point, but I have yet to paint the bare head of the Sgt. yet I am waiting for some washes to come in so that I can try them out for all the bare heads that I will end up using for this build.  This Army was the first time that I have used transfers and I think I am getting the hang of it.  As of right now I have 6 terminators that 4 of them are standard, 1 Sgt. and 1 has a heavy flammer.  I figure this will give me a little versatility.

As of right now I don’t have an army list in mind, as I continue to paint and build I hope one will come.  Here is hoping.


It is December Now...

In July I posted that I was planning on building a a new space marine Army for around $300. The good news is that I was able to build the Army for the original price, the bad news was that I didn't get the stuff in the mail until the middle of August. This put my plan on hold. The next little hick-up was that the battle force that I ordered was missing two sprues, so I called GW and they sent me two more box sets to replace the missing parts. So that was good and bad, again it took another three weeks to get the replacement parts.

Now here it is December, and I am again posting on this Blog. After heading back down to the lower 48 moving back up here to Alaska I now have more time to spend modeling and painting.

So far from that first set I have been able to put together and paint

• 1 Rhino
• 1 Dreadnaught
• 1 Scout
• 1 Assault Marine
• 11 Tactical Marines
• 6 Terminators

For this build I am using the Mantis Warrior’s paint scheme. Just for kicks I am calling my army the Sitnam Warrior’s. Which of course is just Mantis spelled backwards.

22 July 2009

Building a Space Marine Army for Around $300

So this late summer and early fall I'll be getting settled in my new home and my new career in the great state of Alaska. I have not as of yet moved my hobby stuff up here, and I need to get my 40K fix. So with my Birthday coming up I figured I would use the cash from the sale of my Raven Wing army to put towards a new Space Marine army. This Build is going to be everything I need to build, paint and model a small Space Marine Army.

Here is the list of what I am getting:
o Black Reach Box set
o Space Marine Battle force
o Razor Back
o Landspeeder Storm
o Razor Back up grade Sprue
o Grab Bag of Bits
o Army Painter army green
o Army Painter quick shade
o Army Painter anti shine mat
o Reaper Pro Painting kit, with brush

This should be everything that I need to build and paint a space Marine Army.
I figure with the Black reach box set I get a good jump start on the army, the battle force is the core units, the Razor Back and Razor Back up grade Sprue for some needed fire power. I have been wanting a Land Speeder Storm for awhile and I figure with the scouts it will give them a different dimension in the army. That and I am hoping to get some cool bits in the grab bag. My Grand Total was just under $305 so that is not too bad. In case any one was wondering I did us the War Storeto get everything the I needed

I'll be using the Badab War Mini-Dex for my base army which will be comeing out soon I hope from Bell of lost souls

18 January 2009

Space Marine BIke Mk III

After putting together two Space Marine Scout bikes I ordered a third from Crappy Local Games Store (CLGS) and what was waiting for me instead of the scout bike was the standard Space Marine bike. I guess, I kind of felt bad that he had ordered the wrong one. So instead of having him send it back I bought the Bike, and figured I could add it to one of my other armies. (plus he gave me additional 20% off the cost so it was not too much) However after looking at it I think I'll be getting four more bikes to make into the "Space Marine Bike Mk 3" and using them in with the army I am putting together right now.

So with my left over scout bike parts I figured I could use them to "spice up" the standard Bike. The parts that I used from the Scout bike were:

o The front end head light
o The Twin Linked Bolters
o The Antenna and flag
o A Base from the Scout bikes

Other Bits that I used were:

o an extra Left arm with a power Sword
o an extra Left arm with a plasma Pistol
o a Melta Bomb
o a different Space Marine Torso
o three Small Magnets

Every thing else came from the Space Marine Bike Box

This Conversion was not too difficult but I think it ended up looking pretty cool

14 January 2009

Close Combat Scouts Painting

I have grown pretty found of the Close Combat Scouts with 5 CCW and 5 with shotguns. The new army that I am working on right now I went with a Half Red and Half Blue layout. I did this because I plan on using them as Blood Angels (red) and Codex Marines (Blue). I am not going to to picking and choosing things from both to make one Army, but I will be fielding lists that are ether Blood Angels or Codex Marines.

The first step was Priming them

Next was putting on a Base Coat

Now the Final out come.

They turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. I Mostly dry brushed them and did a little layering, and as you can see I do need to get better at putting on eyes.

So these Scout will be seeing some action as ether Blood Angels or Codex Marines.

08 January 2009

Scout Weapon Layouts Part 3

Well there are really only two option left, Boltguns and Heavy Weapons.

I am not going to talk in any detail about the Boltgun, because any Space Marine player worth his salt has their own opinions about the standard Space Marine issued fire arm.

The Heavy Weapons that scouts have in their tool box are only two choices. The first is the Missile Launcher. This is a great choice because it gives you two different modes to fire. Kark and Frak, I like to give one of my scouts this weapon if they are in a Sniper Team with Sgt Telion, it can be the on hit that is needed to take out the tank. When using Sgt Telions special rule "voice of experience" your Heavy Weapon can fire with a BS 6 so when you have to make it count. That is really the only time that I spend the pionts on the Missle Launcher.

The second is the Heavy Bolter, this one also has two modes of fire for the scouts, the standard and a one shot hellfire shell that uses a large blast template. I am not a big fan of the heavy bolter to be used with the scouts. In my mind I think of them as a mobile force, and the heavy blter just seems like it would slow them down. That being said I do field it with the scouts I have use it with two sqauds of five, each with 4 Bolter Guns and 1 Heavy Bolter. What I did with them was influtrate both of the squads on to the same objective and and have them just shoot, shoot, and shoot. It worked out well because I was able to hole that objective, because it gave me two shots with the hell fire shell. One form each of the squads, by turn 5 I had one scout left and he was scoring. I don't know if this would work for every one, but it worked for me in that one game.

So those are the basic scout weapon layouts.

04 January 2009

Scout Weapon Layouts Part 2

The next weapon layout that I am going to discuss, are the sniper rifles. These are now more use full then ever. The weapon itself is a strength X that is equal to the strength of the target, so it is always wounding on a +4. It is an AP 6. Another nice perk to the new sniper rules are that the weapon is rending and pinning. So on a roll of a 6 it will automatically wound. These are all good things for the scouts; the one draw back is that with the release of the new codex scouts now have a BS of 3 so to hit they will need to roll a +4. I also like the fact that the sniper rifle has a 36” range with that range you can really reach out and touch some one.

When I field the snipers I try to field them with at least 9 rifles and one heavy weapon choice. I can go either way the Heavy bolter of the Missile Launcher. Both have a range that is at least 36” (Heavy Bolter). These are the guys that I use to sit back and hold an objective. They are a troop choice so they are a scoring unit, and with the sniper rifles they can really reach out and touch the enemy.