27 June 2012

Assault Marines The first 5

Well I have finished the first 5 of my 10/12 Assault Marines for my Mantis Warriors army.  This set of 5 has the Sgt with a Power Fist, and 1 of the other Marines with a Plasma Pistol. I am holding off on basing them until once I have most of the army completed, or at least the rest of the squad.

The Assault Sgt
 This is the first Squad that has the custom shoulder pads that I made, I think they turned out alright.

Shot of the 5 Squad Members shoulder pads

All 5 together

Also the army painter army green paint was a spot on match to the primer, looks awesome and works great.

Like always questions and comments are always welcome.

23 June 2012

Saturday Snapshot

The five Assault Marines have been finished up, and I have only the right shoulder pads left to finish up on the Assault Terminators.  I'll be making a post later this week with pictures of the Assault Marines.  I have been starting to gather the bits together to build another five or six Assault Marines.

Continuing with my Space Marines
I am also painting another 3 Defiance Games Marines, which once completed will give me a total of 9 built and painted, In the second photo you can see in the lower left corner the Defiance Games Marines, and in the lover right some ships for TI3.

One step back to see everything that I have going on

16 June 2012

Saturday Snapshot

This Saturday I am looking at a near completed Assault Terminator Squad!  I hope to get the decals on them and play a game or two with them.  I also would like to get those damn Tactical Marines Knocked out as well.   I really like using the Army Painter War Paints.  I have now started to save my pennies for the full paint range.

Getting closer to having another unit of Mantis Warriors!

02 June 2012

Saturday Snapshot

Saturday Snapshot, this weekend I am seeing GREEN!  I have primed and am hoping to get the assault squad finished and the assault terminators finished!

Future Mantis Warriors on Deck!

I have been using Army Painter as my primer / base coat, I have not been able to find a color that matches.  Have no fear my saving grace is here just arriving in the mail is the Army Painter Army Green paint that is 100% match of the primer color!  I can't wait to start using it, and get my models finished up and touched up so that they all match.

Army Painter War Paint 100% Match