19 September 2011

Shoulder Pads MkIII

So I have made some molds of some custom Space Marine shoulder pads.  I have just been doing very basic symbols on the pads, crossed arrows for the Assault Squads, Arrows for the Tactical Squads, and Chevrons for the Devastator Squads.

An Example of a Tactical Sgt w/ Laurel to show rank

This afternoon I have been casting shoulder pads like it is going out of style! The resin that I am using is a rather fast acting resin it has a working time of about 90 seconds so I have to move rather quick to get the molds set and ready.

Here are three of the Molds with the Resin in them

The resin only takes about 10 minutes to finish hardening up before it is ready to come out of the Mold. I purchased a kit at the local Hobby Lobby and it came with the everything I needed to make the molds and even the resin.  I think if I try to make molds again I'll see if I can get a more flexible rubber for the molds. Each mold makes two shoulder pads.

The Sgt Shoulder Pad Mold open with the Pads in it

Here is a Tactical Pad, Look at all the Flash
  The nice thing is that the flash is paper thin, and is easily cleaned up. This set turned out pretty good if I say so my self.

All the shoulder pads out of the molds and waiting to be cleaned

A Number of the pads cleaned up and waiting to get primed
Some of the shoulder pads had air bubbles so I'll be adding a little green stuff to fill in the gaps.  These shoulder pads ar turning out better than I had thought they would. and I think they will give my Tact, Assault, and Dev Squads a unique look to them.  I can't wait to get them primed and painted.

Questions and Comments are welcome

15 September 2011

Kitting out a Tactical Squad

Two troops choices and a HQ, that is the base for the standard Space Marine force organization chart.  That is the standard base for any army in the game. I thought that I would talk what my thought process was when I put together a all Plasma Squad.  I say all Plasma because it is a standard tactical  squad with ten men in it and I have given the Sgt a Plasma Pistol, one of the tactical Marines a Plasma Rifle, and an other a Plasma Cannon.

Ten Man Tactical Squad

For the Sgt. I went with the Plasma Pistol over the Combi-Plasma Rifle, is because of the assault I want to be-able to have one more Plasma burst before close combat. I feel like the constancy of the 12 inch range and being able to have more than one shot of plasma from the Sgt, is more beneficial to the range of the single shot Combi-Plasma Rifle.  

Sgt with Plasma Pistol

Next is the Tactical Marine with the Plasma Rifle, Str 7 AP 2 is not too shabby, having the option to move on still shoot 12 inches is nice also and the rapid fire.  I wish that I could field a squad with two special weapons much like the Space Wolves or Chaos Space Marines. I think that the Plasma Rifle is me favorite special weapon that the Tactical squad has to offer. The AP 2 is crucial for tacking down heavy infantry, and the 24 inch range is what makes this my favorite.

Tactical Marine with Plasma Rifle

The final piece to this team is the Tactical Marine with the Heavy Weapon, that heavy weapon is over course the Plasma Cannon, 36 inch range Str 7 AP 2 template! This is heavy infantries worst enemy.  The AP2 means invulnerable save if they have them, if it was only str 8 it would also double out most things.  Not one to look a gift house in the mouth putting down a AP 2 Template does quite that damage. When it comes to holding the line this is my weapon of choice.

Heavy Weapon Marine (Plasma Cannon)
At 200 points this unit will hold its own in shooting and hold the line fairly well.  I like to use this unit as one of my two troop choices nine times out of ten.  I enjoy running this troop choice so much that I am currently building another one.

Questions and Comments are always welcome.

08 September 2011

Adding Wash to Mini's

My Medic From the Command Squad

So this is the Medic that is from my Platoon Command Squad, I am using IG arms and Bits with the Wargame Factory's Shock Troop Bodies and Heads.  I have built one ten man squad which is painted and and washed.  What I have done is to color the eyes different so that I can tell the difference between the command squad (Red) and the other troops (Blue).

This post is to show the difference between a Washed (Badab Black) and an Un-Washed model. The above model has not been washed.  I will also be painting the base to look like the others, I'll wash it then they will be finished.
Trooper, Washed with Badab Black
For the IG that I am painting up right now I am just going for a three Color Minimum and a Wash.  That is it. I just want to get them done quick and to a good table top standard.
The Ten man Squad Finished
As you can see I have a ton of stuff in the background of the photo that I am still working on, in time I'll be finishing them up and posting the progress!