30 May 2012

Dark Angles Combat Squad

Just about finished with the next two Space Marines, I have finished one of them and the Sgt needs to have a the squad making on the shoulder pad and paint the belt, finally a few little touch ups.

The one finished Space Marine

The Chapter symbol was hand painted, well sort of the sword was part of the shoulder pad.  So all I had to add was the wings.  I think that they came out alright.  I am hoping that I will be able to put the finished combat squad displayed at the local shop in their display case that they have.




The Sgt so far

The 3 together right now

 So here they are, I'm looking forward to getting them knocked out and hopefully on display.

Like always comments and questions are welcome.

29 May 2012

Defiance Games Part 2

So it has been another week and I have painted another 3 of the defiance games UAMC models.  This next set has a medic in the group, so as I am making up special rules I'll have to do something with a medic.  I was thinking something like "feel no pain" I'll figure it out when the time comes.

Next 3 models painted

I went with the same green color for the body armor and helmets, however I did use a different color for the fatigues. Using the green should give them a since of cohesion with the other 3.

I put a small dot in the left shoulder of each model

 The small green dot on the shoulder gives each the idea that they are part of a specific unit or company.  As for painting the models, I like painting them up I can get 3 knocked out in one sitting and still get some progress on my 40K stuff.

The Medic

Questions and Comments are always welcome.

27 May 2012

Saturday Snapshot

Making Progress
 I am planning on painting up a small combat squad of Dark Angles to match the single model that I painted for painting contest awhile ago.  Nobody puts the Mantis Warriors in the Corner... But me... Those guys have been there for quite some time.  I think I might make it a goal to get those guys knocked out.

21 May 2012

Defiance Games

I ordered a box set of the the UAMC Marines from Defiance Games.  I have painted up the first 3 of 24 that were in the box.  I am not sure how I feel about the set, they are nice and easy to put together.  The clean up on the models was easy and the assembly was simple. I am planning on using them in a Zombie type lager scale game. I am going to be putting together in October using the "total arse zombie rules".

First 3 painted

I'll be making 6, 3 man teams for the game, each team will have different abilities and draw backs.  I really have not given too much thought yet into what they will be.

I have not based them yet

Next to a GW Space Marine

One more shot for good measure

 So once I get all 24 painted and ready I'll base them all the same so that they match.

Questions and Comments are always welcome.

19 May 2012

Saturday Snapshot

Still have a whole mess of unfinished Mantis Warriors in the back ground

Again this is my work space as on this last Saturday,  I am working on painting up a Librarian and a Sgt Chronus model that I will be using as a Tech Marine / Rhino crew member.