09 February 2012

Sitnam Scouts

The first scout squad for the Sitnam Warriors.  I decided to go with five scouts 4 with Bolters, and the SGT with a Power Fist.  I really don't have much of a tactical idea of how to use these guys other than maybe outflanking, and holding objectives. 

It is funny how having first turn can make all the difference in the world, how scouts are going to be used.  Infiltrate or Reserves...  I have had a little success with using them in the role of Infiltrate, scout move and rapid fire.  I was able to take and hold an objective from a Tau player for a couple of turns.  They focused their attention and I was able move my Assault Marines into Assault and then follow with tactical squads.  I ended up with the Big W!

So the plan is to finish basing the last Marine, then wash the squad with Badab Black, and seal them.

Questions and Comments are Welcome

05 February 2012

Dark Angels Painting Contest Model

So my first post for 2012 has nothing to do with the Mantis Warriors, but it still has to do with Space Marines and maybe Traitor Marines.... 

A local shop in my town is having a painting contest, the model has to be a Space Marine and you had to buy it from the shop.  I like this idea that everyone is starting with the same type of blank canvas to start from.  It was a five dollar entry fee and that included the model to be painted.

I decided to go with a Dark Angel Marine, first because I had just finished reading a Space Marine Battle Book that featured the Dark Angels.  Second I had a number of extra bits laying around and a number of them were Dark Angel bits at that. Everything kind of fell into place.  The cool thing about the contest is that you could add extra bits if you wanted, so I added a skull to the backpack, a Dark Angels shoulder pad, a set of Dark Angel arms with a Bolt Gun (Bolter) and a head with a respirator.  I am undecided whether or not to add the Helmet onto the belt of the model.

I am hoping that I win this is the first time I have ever entered a painting contest.

Wish me Luck!