30 November 2010

Shoulder Pads

Well I have taken some green stuff and made a total of ten Tactical Arrow shoulder pads.  I'll be using these for the next Tactical Squad that I put together, I do think that I will try to make a chevron instead of the Arrow on the shoulder pad of the heavy weapons marine.  For this next squad I think it will be a Lascannon, or Heavy Bolter this time.

10X Tactical Arrows

There is a local Art Supply store here in town that has stuff to make rubber molds.  I think that I might try to make some casts out of resin of some shoulder pads.  We will see how that goes...  I have talked to the guy who runs the store and he makes molds all the time, however not for anything that small.

26 November 2010

What Codex for Sitnam Warriors

This afternoon  I was searching the interwebs for some fluff about the Mantis Warriors, right now there really is not too much to be found. After Imperial Armor 10 I figure that will change.  This is not a bad thing, the lack of fluff is one of the main reasons I was drawn to the Chapter in the first place.  However I am looking forward to reading about them in Imperial Armor 10 to find out more about them.

In the mean time what I have found is that the chapter is known for having its own distinct close combat tactics.  This is something that the veterans are trained in as they progress up the ranks. Another interesting thing that I also learned was about a combat haze that in the heat of battle the battle brother will only see the enemy, much like tunnel vision.

With those interesting facts, it made me think and not only the codex Space Marines would be a fitting choice, but that Blood Angels could be fitting as well.  The tunnel vision (Black Rage) would fit in with the fluff that I have found so far.  Also the close combat tactics would also work with the assault nature of the Blood Angels as well.  So those are really the only two points I have for using the Blood Angels Codex.

Now another codex that I was looking at is the obvious choice, codex Space Marines this gives the chapter plenty of options.  Most of those options are available in the Blood Angels but there is no Black Rage with the Space Marines.

Think coming up with a list might be a good start, so I might want to do that, but in the mean time I need to pick a codex and run with it.

Hoping to get some feedback and ideas, so questions and comments are welcome.

15 November 2010

Sitnam Warriors so far.

With the Imperial Armour 9 book out and everyone all sorts of excited about it, I thought that it was time to look at what I have in the way of a secessionist army.  For some time I have been working on a Sitnam Warriors Army.  (Sitnam is Mantis spelled backwards) This army has been going slow, because I have been piecing it together little bit by bit.  I have another Marine Army that I have finished painting all the Models, I just need to get the Rhinos and Heavy Support vehicles.  More on that army later... So here are the fully painted and based models that I have as of right now.

Terminator Sgt

Six Terminators, One Rhino, Four Tact Marines

One Assault Marine, One Dreadnought, Ten Tact Marines

These are all the models I have painted up so far, my plan is to make the Sitnam Warriors my primary Space Marine army.

As for right now:
Ten Marine Tact squad w/flamer and rocket launcher
Six Terminators squad w/heavy flamer
One Dreadnought
One Assault Marine
Four Marine Tact squad w/plasma pistol and plasma rifle
One Stern Guard Vet

On my painting desk I have the rest of the Marines for the second Tact squad waiting to be finished.  Five Scouts, One more Assault Marine, and a Terminator Captain with lighting claws.  With more to be built and painted.

Thanks for Checking out the page, questions and comments are always welcome

14 November 2010

Free Stuff in the Mail

I while back Mantic Games offered a free sprue with two ghouls on it if you signed up for their online news letter.  I thought what the heck I might as well sign up because free minis are great.  Well finally in the mail they arrived and this is what I got.

The Free Sample

After looking at the models; I think I'll been picking up a box of the ghouls and one of the zombies after the holiday season to paint up and use for extra pieces in 40k games.  Damn their tactic worked.  Oh well they will be fun to put together and paint up.

12 November 2010

A Little Progress on the Sitnam Warriors

Seeing as I have not posted in quite so time I thought I would do an update.  I have still been working away at the Mantis Warriors.  As of right now I have three basic Bolt Gun Marines (BGM)  that need to be based and final details painted on, once I have those guys finished the squad just needs to have two more BGM and a heavy weapons Marine painted to finish out the squad.  The basic squad layout is a plasma heavy squad, plasma pistol, plasma rifle, and plasma cannon. I like the AP of the plasma and the blast template for the cannon also.
These are the first 4 finished

After listening to the Independent Characters Pod Cast, I have really been leaning towards getting the IA9 book, I figured that I would be getting the book sooner or later.  It now looks like I'll be getting it sooner they did a really good review of the book, and went over a boarding action game that they played and it sounds really cool.  I think I'll be casting more Hirst Arts models this month to try finish the Space Hulk / Boarding Action game pieces.

The mold cast count has not changed I have been lazy and not ordered a bigger box of dental plaster.