22 January 2011

Near Finished Devastator Squad

So before I base this Devastator Squad I thought I would take a couple of photos of it.  Right now the squad stands at 5, 2 Heavy Bolters, 2 Lascannons, and 1 sgt.  The heavy weapons, can be intermixed in with the other Tactical squad, so it gives the army a little more flexibility.

The two Heavy Bolters

The Sgt and the two Lascannons

I glad that the Devastator Squad is near completion, now I just need to get the predator tank finished here in the near future.  I have a game coming up vs. Orcs and I want to use the auto cannon, and heavy bolter version in that game.  I am very close to having that model rapped up as well. (once I am finished with that tank I'll post)

The hand painted chevrons

The Sgt not looking to bad

With this squad like the rest of this army, I just did a simple base coat on the model then dry brushed.  The blue color for instance I used night sky (darker blue) for the base color, then dry brushed dragon blue (lighter blue). After which I highlight a little, then paint the details.  This makes painting go rather quick, and the models turn out looking pretty good.

As always questions and comments are welcome.

20 January 2011

A little more painting progress

On the "Sitnam Warriors" front I have been making some more head way.  Right now I am at the point that I need to base and put decals on about nine models to finish them.  Plus I have two company commanders pretty much finished up.  The one in the Terminator Armor is just waiting for me to put the decal on, the one with the power sword is waiting for me to make up my mind whether to give him a storm bolter or plasma pistol of just a bolt pistol.

You can see three more model almost finished

I have also put together and painted up another Terminator this one will be the first assault Terminator this one will have a thunder hammer and storm shield.  When it is all said and done I'll end up with a total of ten assault five with lighting claws and five with thunder hammers and storm shields.  On the power weapons they have a muted purple color to them right now I am going to be dry brushing a blue over the purple and hopefully it will give them a pretty cool effect.

Here is a close up of the unfinished power weapon

The above photo is going to be one of the two company commanders. You can also kind of see the purple color on the power weapon right now, I'll post photos of the finished model once I make up my mind what weapon to equip  him with.  (Comments will be very appreciated)

Terminator company commander

This is the Terminator command unit you can also see that purple color on the lighting claws.  I will be painting the skull on the Iron Halo white, and then also adding a gold color to it as well.

Like always questions and comments are welcome.

17 January 2011

Getting off my Duff

After typing up my last post I got to to thinking, I what I have in front of me really is not too much.  This afternoon I decided to pick up my brush and start working on the next Sternguard Vet for my Kill Zone list.

Here is the model primed

As you can see this guy has a number of grenades on him, the cool thing about the Kill Zone rules set is that models can throw their grenades.  This will be a little in game reminder for me.  It is pretty cool, however with this guy being a Sternguard Vet I will most likely be using the special issue ammo.

Here we are after some paint

I still need to go back and do some touch up painting on the model, but once that is finished and the shoulder pads are painted and glued on this guy will be finished.  Oh yeah I also have to paint the back pack as well.  I am going to keep the helmet skull theme on all of my Sternguard Vets for this army.  It is not too difficult to do.

Better look at the helmet detailing

That is all for now, like always questions and comments are welcome

16 January 2011

2011 Plans for 40K

Seeing as most blogs that I follow have done some kind of "year in review", or "what I plan for this year" kind of post.  I felt a little left out.  (that and I have not posted anything since 2010)

So instead of trying to make goals to stick to for a whole year.  I am going to first look at what I have done, and what I want to get done in the next couple of months.  Like most people who play 40K I have a number of different project going on at one time.  In my case I have three major projects that I want to get finished or very near completion.  The three project are (1) Hirst Arts Space Hulk board, (2) finish space marine "Emperors Fists" army, (3) continued "Sitman Warriors" army.  Those are the big three project that I have going right now.  On the back burner are painting 40K Orcs, and painting a Hero Quest board game miniatures.

Project 1 Space Hulk Hirst Arts Board

This project started out like gang busters, but has slowed to a crawl. Mainly due tot he fact that I have run out of dental plastic to cast the pieces, and that I have put away and stored the molds.  This is a project I really want to get it knocked out because it will be cool once it is finished and it really is not that hard to do.  When I sat down and put the pieces together to make the board pieces it was really fun and rather rewarding to see how they all look together.   So the goal for this is to suck it up and order more plaster and start casting molds again!  The assembly was pretty fun and once they get painted they will be awesome.

Project 2 "Emperors Fist" Space Marines

This army is so close to being finished.  I mean so close I can taste it.  I have just finished painting a count as "Lysander" model for the army.  All the tactical marines are painted, a scout squad is painted, terminators painted as well, I just need to base a devastator squad and base and finish painting a command squad.  So all of the infantry type models for this army are pretty much set.  All I need to do is finish painting a Predator tank, 2 rhinos, and a Land Raider Crusader.  When I type it out it doesn't really seem like too much.  My goal for this project is to get it done!  If in the next month or two I can have one more rhino painted, and all the infantry  models painted and based that will be a huge step.

Project 3 "Sitman Warriors" Space Marines

This is just a on going project, in the immediate future I have to base the rest of my Marines for the second tactical Squad.  I have started to add more models to my Kill Team, (1 more sternguard). I have also started to make a assault terminators, one with lightning claws (pretty much finished just needs a decal put on the shoulder pad, and the sealed) and another one with a thunder hammer and storm shield.  This is a army that I am slowly building up piece by piece, one squad at a time.  I should really sit down and make an army list for these guys.  Goals for this army are, just to continue working on them over the next few months.

All and all these are not going to be too hard to make these goals that I have set out for the next couple of months.  It is just a matter of doing it.  Oh yeah and of course I'll continue posting as I progress on these as well.