02 March 2011

Going Old School with Hero Quest

I would say that I am a pretty active member on a Hero Quest forum.  I have started a project page that is keeping track of my progress in painting a complete set of the miniatures from the main game system.  It is going to be painting all 35 Miniatures.  Here are a few that I has painted back in highschool.  I'll be stripping them down with simple green, re-priming them and putting new paint on them.  I figure I can use these as a comparison later.

All that I painted back in the Day

This is one of my Favorite Dwarf Miniatures Ever!

Well here they are and as I start getting them painted I'll start posting here.
As always questions and comments are welcome.

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Tristan said...

Are you planning to do anything to the bases? Some kind of detailing would go a long way to really making the models pop.