09 August 2010

Hirst Arts and Space Hulk

I have started to make my own Space Hulk board using the Hirst Arts molds.  The plan is to use the directions from Hirst Arts web site. SPACE HULK INSTRUCTIONS Right now I have only one of the mold the #276 the idea is to make three of the basic sets.  I am going to try to make three casts a day fro the rest of the month. That should give me enough to make three or so sets.  Later this month I'll be ordering the the other two molds. 

Right now I have cast #276 a total of 7 times

I'll try to keep a running log of progress as the weeks continue.  The plan for the the three sets is to keep one for myself, sell one on E-bay, and for the third set is to take it to the a local game store and see about trading it fro some store credit.  Hopefully the owner likes to wheel and deal as much as I do.

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