30 December 2009


Space Hulk is now here. I was not able to get it when it was first released. Lucky for me I was able to get it when GW decided to re-release it so instead of going to e-bay and paying God knows how much I was able to get it for the MSR, and seeing as the state of Alaska does not have sales tax and GW was doing free shipping on anything over $15 I was able to get it for under $100. Wow… Good deal for me.

The next question is what am I going to do with it now? The models are great; the gene-stealers look awesome. I am pretty sure that I will be basing and painting them. I figure that there will be some of the gene-stealers that will only be used for the Space Hulk Game, but most of the others will be easy to put on 25mm bases. As for the Terminators I don’t know how well the 40mm bases will work with the game board. So that will be another problem to deal with another time.

For right now I think I’ll just be enjoying the way it was intended to be used. I have way too much on my painting table as it is. So once I start to get those projects finished I’ll start dealing with Space Hulk. I can’t wait to play my first game.


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