05 February 2012

Dark Angels Painting Contest Model

So my first post for 2012 has nothing to do with the Mantis Warriors, but it still has to do with Space Marines and maybe Traitor Marines.... 

A local shop in my town is having a painting contest, the model has to be a Space Marine and you had to buy it from the shop.  I like this idea that everyone is starting with the same type of blank canvas to start from.  It was a five dollar entry fee and that included the model to be painted.

I decided to go with a Dark Angel Marine, first because I had just finished reading a Space Marine Battle Book that featured the Dark Angels.  Second I had a number of extra bits laying around and a number of them were Dark Angel bits at that. Everything kind of fell into place.  The cool thing about the contest is that you could add extra bits if you wanted, so I added a skull to the backpack, a Dark Angels shoulder pad, a set of Dark Angel arms with a Bolt Gun (Bolter) and a head with a respirator.  I am undecided whether or not to add the Helmet onto the belt of the model.

I am hoping that I win this is the first time I have ever entered a painting contest.

Wish me Luck!


Silar Lannanaris said...

Good luck man. How is the progress with the Mantis Warriors going?

Chris said...

Painting contests can be loads of fun and really push you to your limits as an artist, good luck.

Big Bad Garou said...

Tips if its not too late:
1. Drill the front of the barrel so its not just flat (or paint a black dot).
2. One more line highlight on the top edges of the armor plates (add a drop of Bone White to the last highlight color and use a thing line).
3. Thin down some red and apply over the existing red. Green/Red combo colors are awesome and they pop together.
4. On the rope, wash down with a badab black wash and highlight with the same red. Also add a second smaller highlight with some orange added to it. I will make it really stand out as a braided rope.
5. Same with the purity seal. One more line highlight of red mixed with orange will make it stand out.
Wash down the leather with Devlan Mud and rehighlight with the same color. It makes the leather look weathered and beaten.
6. Rewash the skull and highlight it. Right now from the front it looks like a rock.
7. The hair stubble looks good. I would stipple brush a second grey or even a really light black to make it stand out that he has a shaved head.
8. Wash down the breather with badab black and highlight with silver or boltgun. It will give it shadow and depth.

Good luck!

Rath of Un said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes:

Big Bad Garou: I am going to be drilling out the Barrel, and adding a couple more layers and a few more highlighting. Thanks for the tips I'll post once I am done, I have till the 19th to finish.

Big Bad Garou said...

So? How did it go?