19 September 2011

Shoulder Pads MkIII

So I have made some molds of some custom Space Marine shoulder pads.  I have just been doing very basic symbols on the pads, crossed arrows for the Assault Squads, Arrows for the Tactical Squads, and Chevrons for the Devastator Squads.

An Example of a Tactical Sgt w/ Laurel to show rank

This afternoon I have been casting shoulder pads like it is going out of style! The resin that I am using is a rather fast acting resin it has a working time of about 90 seconds so I have to move rather quick to get the molds set and ready.

Here are three of the Molds with the Resin in them

The resin only takes about 10 minutes to finish hardening up before it is ready to come out of the Mold. I purchased a kit at the local Hobby Lobby and it came with the everything I needed to make the molds and even the resin.  I think if I try to make molds again I'll see if I can get a more flexible rubber for the molds. Each mold makes two shoulder pads.

The Sgt Shoulder Pad Mold open with the Pads in it

Here is a Tactical Pad, Look at all the Flash
  The nice thing is that the flash is paper thin, and is easily cleaned up. This set turned out pretty good if I say so my self.

All the shoulder pads out of the molds and waiting to be cleaned

A Number of the pads cleaned up and waiting to get primed
Some of the shoulder pads had air bubbles so I'll be adding a little green stuff to fill in the gaps.  These shoulder pads ar turning out better than I had thought they would. and I think they will give my Tact, Assault, and Dev Squads a unique look to them.  I can't wait to get them primed and painted.

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