25 April 2012

35 Models = 1Troop and 1/2 Elite (Must be ORKS)

The NOB in the Squad
So the weekend I was able to get the last 10 Ork Boys in the Squad finished, and then I was able to wash each of the 29 Boys and 6 Nobs with Badab Black and seal with a mat finish.  The plan is to just get them to a nice table top quality.  My Ork Army is going to have as a base 3 troop choices that are going to be maxed out at 30 each.  So the means that I'll have to paint at least 90 models.  Lucky for my I have some how over the years ended up with close to 5 sets of the Orks from the black reach sets.  After looking at the models I finally thought that I should just start painting them up.  35 models later I have 1 Troops Choice and 1/2 an Elite Choice.

So wish me luck with getting the rest of the Army Painted and Finished.

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