20 April 2012

Painting Contest Results

So awhile back I entered my first ever painting contest, I painted a Dark Angel Space Marine.  Out of all the entries I didn't place.  Oh well I am proud of the effort that I put in and am now painting up a squad to match the mold that I used for the contest.  I am planning on starting with just making a 5 man combat squad, so I'll be painting up 3 more tactical marines and 1 Sgt with a power fist.

Well here are the other entries that were in the painting contest.

My Entry

1st Place
1st Place (different angel)

2nd Place
Another Entry
Another Entry
Another Entry
There were only 6 entries and the top 2 placed, however I like to think I received an honorable mention.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Nice little selection of Space Marines, it's unfortunate that the vignette won. I think it was a case of "WOW! That guy killed a daemon." All the entries look good though.