29 May 2012

Defiance Games Part 2

So it has been another week and I have painted another 3 of the defiance games UAMC models.  This next set has a medic in the group, so as I am making up special rules I'll have to do something with a medic.  I was thinking something like "feel no pain" I'll figure it out when the time comes.

Next 3 models painted

I went with the same green color for the body armor and helmets, however I did use a different color for the fatigues. Using the green should give them a since of cohesion with the other 3.

I put a small dot in the left shoulder of each model

 The small green dot on the shoulder gives each the idea that they are part of a specific unit or company.  As for painting the models, I like painting them up I can get 3 knocked out in one sitting and still get some progress on my 40K stuff.

The Medic

Questions and Comments are always welcome.

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Odst369 said...

Sharp looking models, nice painting! I really like the black fatigues as opposed to the old ones, though I did like the blue visors more, they really contrasted great with the rest of the soldier! As always, I'll be watching your blog ,Hunter