21 May 2012

Defiance Games

I ordered a box set of the the UAMC Marines from Defiance Games.  I have painted up the first 3 of 24 that were in the box.  I am not sure how I feel about the set, they are nice and easy to put together.  The clean up on the models was easy and the assembly was simple. I am planning on using them in a Zombie type lager scale game. I am going to be putting together in October using the "total arse zombie rules".

First 3 painted

I'll be making 6, 3 man teams for the game, each team will have different abilities and draw backs.  I really have not given too much thought yet into what they will be.

I have not based them yet

Next to a GW Space Marine

One more shot for good measure

 So once I get all 24 painted and ready I'll base them all the same so that they match.

Questions and Comments are always welcome.

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Odst369 said...

So sorry that I've only recently stumbled across this post but these marines look great and your work is something to admire! I particuarly like your paint scheme which looks a lot like Halo 2 marines. I also really like the visor detail! Keep up the good work, Hunter