14 January 2009

Close Combat Scouts Painting

I have grown pretty found of the Close Combat Scouts with 5 CCW and 5 with shotguns. The new army that I am working on right now I went with a Half Red and Half Blue layout. I did this because I plan on using them as Blood Angels (red) and Codex Marines (Blue). I am not going to to picking and choosing things from both to make one Army, but I will be fielding lists that are ether Blood Angels or Codex Marines.

The first step was Priming them

Next was putting on a Base Coat

Now the Final out come.

They turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. I Mostly dry brushed them and did a little layering, and as you can see I do need to get better at putting on eyes.

So these Scout will be seeing some action as ether Blood Angels or Codex Marines.

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