04 January 2009

Scout Weapon Layouts Part 2

The next weapon layout that I am going to discuss, are the sniper rifles. These are now more use full then ever. The weapon itself is a strength X that is equal to the strength of the target, so it is always wounding on a +4. It is an AP 6. Another nice perk to the new sniper rules are that the weapon is rending and pinning. So on a roll of a 6 it will automatically wound. These are all good things for the scouts; the one draw back is that with the release of the new codex scouts now have a BS of 3 so to hit they will need to roll a +4. I also like the fact that the sniper rifle has a 36” range with that range you can really reach out and touch some one.

When I field the snipers I try to field them with at least 9 rifles and one heavy weapon choice. I can go either way the Heavy bolter of the Missile Launcher. Both have a range that is at least 36” (Heavy Bolter). These are the guys that I use to sit back and hold an objective. They are a troop choice so they are a scoring unit, and with the sniper rifles they can really reach out and touch the enemy.

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