18 January 2009

Space Marine BIke Mk III

After putting together two Space Marine Scout bikes I ordered a third from Crappy Local Games Store (CLGS) and what was waiting for me instead of the scout bike was the standard Space Marine bike. I guess, I kind of felt bad that he had ordered the wrong one. So instead of having him send it back I bought the Bike, and figured I could add it to one of my other armies. (plus he gave me additional 20% off the cost so it was not too much) However after looking at it I think I'll be getting four more bikes to make into the "Space Marine Bike Mk 3" and using them in with the army I am putting together right now.

So with my left over scout bike parts I figured I could use them to "spice up" the standard Bike. The parts that I used from the Scout bike were:

o The front end head light
o The Twin Linked Bolters
o The Antenna and flag
o A Base from the Scout bikes

Other Bits that I used were:

o an extra Left arm with a power Sword
o an extra Left arm with a plasma Pistol
o a Melta Bomb
o a different Space Marine Torso
o three Small Magnets

Every thing else came from the Space Marine Bike Box

This Conversion was not too difficult but I think it ended up looking pretty cool

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