13 December 2009

It is December Now...

In July I posted that I was planning on building a a new space marine Army for around $300. The good news is that I was able to build the Army for the original price, the bad news was that I didn't get the stuff in the mail until the middle of August. This put my plan on hold. The next little hick-up was that the battle force that I ordered was missing two sprues, so I called GW and they sent me two more box sets to replace the missing parts. So that was good and bad, again it took another three weeks to get the replacement parts.

Now here it is December, and I am again posting on this Blog. After heading back down to the lower 48 moving back up here to Alaska I now have more time to spend modeling and painting.

So far from that first set I have been able to put together and paint

• 1 Rhino
• 1 Dreadnaught
• 1 Scout
• 1 Assault Marine
• 11 Tactical Marines
• 6 Terminators

For this build I am using the Mantis Warrior’s paint scheme. Just for kicks I am calling my army the Sitnam Warrior’s. Which of course is just Mantis spelled backwards.

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