17 December 2009

Kill Teams .... What a great Idea...

This Morning I was checking out bell of Lost Souls like I do every morning, and I saw that the Blog Confessions of a 40K Addict. Had a little information about Kill Teams.  So I thought I would take that idea and run with it for right now.  The post suggested that a person could make a Kill Team from any single codex using any combination of single units.

The basic run down is:

o 175 pts
o no 2+ saves
o no str 8 or higher weapons
o between 5-15 models

So for kicks I put together a Space Marine list seeing as it is the only codex I have with me right now.  I don't know how the model total will work with other codex, like Orks, or Tau.

The Team that I cam up with is pretty basic.

o 3 Stern Guard Vets each with storm bolters @ 30 pts each
o 2 Assault Marines                                       @ 18 pts each
o 3 Standard Marines (one with a flamer)       @ 16 pts each
                                                                   total  174

I figure with the Stern Guard Vets the special issue ammo becomes very valuable, the flamer marine is good to have a template that is a str 4 attack.  I figure that each of the team will be made up of 4 Marines, each with one Assault Marine for close combat support.  I like the giving the Storm Bolters to the Stern Guard because it is 2 shots per marine per turn at 24 inches with the special ammo so they would be a very heavy hitting squad.  The other four Marines are cannon fodder and support for the first team of four.

As I continue to play around with the rules and such I'll keep posting.

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Hedzer said...

The Sternguard ammo only works for boltgun equipped models, so using a Stormbolter makes them lose the ammo.