13 September 2010

Interior Vehicle Painting

So to finish off one of my space marine armies I have to 2 rhinos, 1 predator, and 1 vindicator.  For the first rhino for my Sitnam Warriors I painted the interior on the rhino I went with a white interior and then added some detailing on the console and then dry brushed the floor to look like mud.

Up close shot
 If anyone has spent any time in the interior of a military vehicle they are not white, most have a mint green tint to them.  For the other marine army I'll be using the mint green look. 
Mint Green Base Coat
  This Rhino is going to be used as a Devastator Squad Rhino and I'll also be magnetizing it to be a Predator as well.  More on that later.

Here it is with the painted interior
I'll be adding more detail to the floor of the rhino later, but as for right now it is starting to shape up.  Side note you can see the Devastator Squad Marines at the top of the photo.

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