10 September 2010

Re-Basing Models

I have an older Space Marine Army that has been just sitting in its case and has not seen the table for quite some time now.  The big problem with the army is the fact that when I finished painting them I did a different colored ring around the base so that I could tell the difference between the squads.  It was not a bad idea, but the theme of the army was a deck of cards so each squad was a different suit.  So why would I really need a diffenent colored ring for each squad, I don't.

As you can see the different colored bases
Here is a close up look at the finished bases

All of the models now have the same base and no more of those many colored bases so they don't look too tacky any more.  It is really cool how with a new base the army now has an all new look and feel to it.  I was planning on selling the army after I re-based them, but now I am not sure.  

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