15 November 2010

Sitnam Warriors so far.

With the Imperial Armour 9 book out and everyone all sorts of excited about it, I thought that it was time to look at what I have in the way of a secessionist army.  For some time I have been working on a Sitnam Warriors Army.  (Sitnam is Mantis spelled backwards) This army has been going slow, because I have been piecing it together little bit by bit.  I have another Marine Army that I have finished painting all the Models, I just need to get the Rhinos and Heavy Support vehicles.  More on that army later... So here are the fully painted and based models that I have as of right now.

Terminator Sgt

Six Terminators, One Rhino, Four Tact Marines

One Assault Marine, One Dreadnought, Ten Tact Marines

These are all the models I have painted up so far, my plan is to make the Sitnam Warriors my primary Space Marine army.

As for right now:
Ten Marine Tact squad w/flamer and rocket launcher
Six Terminators squad w/heavy flamer
One Dreadnought
One Assault Marine
Four Marine Tact squad w/plasma pistol and plasma rifle
One Stern Guard Vet

On my painting desk I have the rest of the Marines for the second Tact squad waiting to be finished.  Five Scouts, One more Assault Marine, and a Terminator Captain with lighting claws.  With more to be built and painted.

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