30 November 2010

Shoulder Pads

Well I have taken some green stuff and made a total of ten Tactical Arrow shoulder pads.  I'll be using these for the next Tactical Squad that I put together, I do think that I will try to make a chevron instead of the Arrow on the shoulder pad of the heavy weapons marine.  For this next squad I think it will be a Lascannon, or Heavy Bolter this time.

10X Tactical Arrows

There is a local Art Supply store here in town that has stuff to make rubber molds.  I think that I might try to make some casts out of resin of some shoulder pads.  We will see how that goes...  I have talked to the guy who runs the store and he makes molds all the time, however not for anything that small.


Mighty said...

Nice jobs on the shoulder pads man! I was thinking of trying something like that too, was it hard?

Rath of Un said...

It was not too difficult, I first mixed a small amount of green stuff pressed it onto the shoulder pad, then used a sculpting tool to make the shapes. To smooth out the texture I wet my finger and rubbed it on the green stuff till smooth.