12 November 2010

A Little Progress on the Sitnam Warriors

Seeing as I have not posted in quite so time I thought I would do an update.  I have still been working away at the Mantis Warriors.  As of right now I have three basic Bolt Gun Marines (BGM)  that need to be based and final details painted on, once I have those guys finished the squad just needs to have two more BGM and a heavy weapons Marine painted to finish out the squad.  The basic squad layout is a plasma heavy squad, plasma pistol, plasma rifle, and plasma cannon. I like the AP of the plasma and the blast template for the cannon also.
These are the first 4 finished

After listening to the Independent Characters Pod Cast, I have really been leaning towards getting the IA9 book, I figured that I would be getting the book sooner or later.  It now looks like I'll be getting it sooner they did a really good review of the book, and went over a boarding action game that they played and it sounds really cool.  I think I'll be casting more Hirst Arts models this month to try finish the Space Hulk / Boarding Action game pieces.

The mold cast count has not changed I have been lazy and not ordered a bigger box of dental plaster.

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