20 December 2010

Hirst Arts and Space Hulk First 8 Parts

I know it has been quite some time since I have posted about my Hirst Arts Space Hulk project.  So this evening I thought I would take what parts that I did have cast and see how many of the corridors I could put together. To my surprise I was able to make 8 parts.

Some of the corridors glued to the foam core

All 8 pieces on the foam core waiting to be cut

A close up of one of the bigger rooms
These are not looking too bad, Once they have dried and set up I'll cut them out and then paint them up.  I do think that I will first fill the foam core with as many pieces as I can before I cut them out. This is making storage a little easier. 

The Mold Cast count:

# 276: 49
# 277:  6
# 325:  5

I will defiantly be casting more pieces after seeing how these are turning out. That and it reminded me of building with Legos when I was a Kid.

Questions and Comments are welcome. 

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