21 December 2010

The Next Five Sitnam Marines

I have 5 more space marines that are ready for basing and the finishing touches.  They need to be based, and the purity seals need to be painted, the Marine with the power fist needs both shoulder pads and the others only need the chapter symbol on them.  I do have about 8 shoulder pads ready to have the decal put on them.  I am hoping that I can get those done before Christmas.

In the left corner you can see my Term Cpt.

I do like how the Sgt has turned out so far
The first 4 are going to be used to fill out the second squad, an all plasma squad.  With these 4 I just have 2 more standard Marines to paint up to finish up the squad. The Army is coming along at a pretty nice pace, not screaming fast, but not at a snails pace ether. I hope that I can get another 2 Marines primed, 2 more scouts primed, and 2 more Marines for my Kill Team primed as well.  right now it has been way to wet out side to prime anything so that has been a little disappointing.

Questions and Comments are welcome.


Zenos said...

Interesting approach you have taken with the pads. I applaud your work. well done. Have you checked Chapterhouse studio's for cheap tactical markings? I use them often and I find them quite ok for a $1 each.

Rath of Un said...

I have check out Chapter House, I going to try to get it figured out with the rubber stamp engravings before I resort to buying them. (Once I fail one to many times I will most likely end up getting a third party product)