17 January 2011

Getting off my Duff

After typing up my last post I got to to thinking, I what I have in front of me really is not too much.  This afternoon I decided to pick up my brush and start working on the next Sternguard Vet for my Kill Zone list.

Here is the model primed

As you can see this guy has a number of grenades on him, the cool thing about the Kill Zone rules set is that models can throw their grenades.  This will be a little in game reminder for me.  It is pretty cool, however with this guy being a Sternguard Vet I will most likely be using the special issue ammo.

Here we are after some paint

I still need to go back and do some touch up painting on the model, but once that is finished and the shoulder pads are painted and glued on this guy will be finished.  Oh yeah I also have to paint the back pack as well.  I am going to keep the helmet skull theme on all of my Sternguard Vets for this army.  It is not too difficult to do.

Better look at the helmet detailing

That is all for now, like always questions and comments are welcome

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