20 January 2011

A little more painting progress

On the "Sitnam Warriors" front I have been making some more head way.  Right now I am at the point that I need to base and put decals on about nine models to finish them.  Plus I have two company commanders pretty much finished up.  The one in the Terminator Armor is just waiting for me to put the decal on, the one with the power sword is waiting for me to make up my mind whether to give him a storm bolter or plasma pistol of just a bolt pistol.

You can see three more model almost finished

I have also put together and painted up another Terminator this one will be the first assault Terminator this one will have a thunder hammer and storm shield.  When it is all said and done I'll end up with a total of ten assault five with lighting claws and five with thunder hammers and storm shields.  On the power weapons they have a muted purple color to them right now I am going to be dry brushing a blue over the purple and hopefully it will give them a pretty cool effect.

Here is a close up of the unfinished power weapon

The above photo is going to be one of the two company commanders. You can also kind of see the purple color on the power weapon right now, I'll post photos of the finished model once I make up my mind what weapon to equip  him with.  (Comments will be very appreciated)

Terminator company commander

This is the Terminator command unit you can also see that purple color on the lighting claws.  I will be painting the skull on the Iron Halo white, and then also adding a gold color to it as well.

Like always questions and comments are welcome.


Ben said...

I've just started a Badab War era Mantis Warrior's force myself, look forward to seeing how you progress. Have you found any rules for playing Mantis Religiosa, or are you sticking with using the Death Company rules and making your guys Blood angel counts as?

Rath of Un said...

As of right now I am using them as Blood Angels counts as....

I am working on a post right now about the named character in the BOLS mini Dex. Just primed a number of models this evening.