22 January 2011

Near Finished Devastator Squad

So before I base this Devastator Squad I thought I would take a couple of photos of it.  Right now the squad stands at 5, 2 Heavy Bolters, 2 Lascannons, and 1 sgt.  The heavy weapons, can be intermixed in with the other Tactical squad, so it gives the army a little more flexibility.

The two Heavy Bolters

The Sgt and the two Lascannons

I glad that the Devastator Squad is near completion, now I just need to get the predator tank finished here in the near future.  I have a game coming up vs. Orcs and I want to use the auto cannon, and heavy bolter version in that game.  I am very close to having that model rapped up as well. (once I am finished with that tank I'll post)

The hand painted chevrons

The Sgt not looking to bad

With this squad like the rest of this army, I just did a simple base coat on the model then dry brushed.  The blue color for instance I used night sky (darker blue) for the base color, then dry brushed dragon blue (lighter blue). After which I highlight a little, then paint the details.  This makes painting go rather quick, and the models turn out looking pretty good.

As always questions and comments are welcome.


Anonymous said...

Looks great man, I really like the crisp lines you've managed!!

Good work with the chevrons too, it's something I've got to get around to doing myself.

Rath of Un said...

Thanks, painting the chevrons can be intimidating, but the more I do it the better they start turning out.

The dry brushing on the models is the easiest way to get quite a few finished up in a short amount of time.

Thanks for the comment