08 September 2011

Adding Wash to Mini's

My Medic From the Command Squad

So this is the Medic that is from my Platoon Command Squad, I am using IG arms and Bits with the Wargame Factory's Shock Troop Bodies and Heads.  I have built one ten man squad which is painted and and washed.  What I have done is to color the eyes different so that I can tell the difference between the command squad (Red) and the other troops (Blue).

This post is to show the difference between a Washed (Badab Black) and an Un-Washed model. The above model has not been washed.  I will also be painting the base to look like the others, I'll wash it then they will be finished.
Trooper, Washed with Badab Black
For the IG that I am painting up right now I am just going for a three Color Minimum and a Wash.  That is it. I just want to get them done quick and to a good table top standard.
The Ten man Squad Finished
As you can see I have a ton of stuff in the background of the photo that I am still working on, in time I'll be finishing them up and posting the progress!


Silar Lannanaris said...

Great looking guard army and you have to love the washes it makes painting so easy! Will you be doing a normal guard army or a maybe combining them with your mantis warriors and doing a tyrant legion army from the imperial army book?

ps. more mantis warriors plz.

Chris said...

Washes make painting something like an Imperial Guard army fun and so much easier. Yours look great by the way.